RebeccaWhiteTS 100%

I'm Tamara, I have been on every extreme of doing the ''unspeakable'' thing of knowingly pursuing taken men ; I love shopping and cooking in my free time. I am very active, an optimist and I love to laugh a lot, I'm sure you will be hypnotized by my smile. I have many fantasies and I'm sure you'll put my mind in motion with yours :)Sociable, open minded. CUm and sex is a language of LOVE... ' ! Smiling has great positive effects on our mood, brains, bodies and the people around us. It makes you feel in a better zone, and makes everything brighte thats what i like most specially to Respect and Gi. Distract yourself. If you start dwelling on the person you hate, keep busy. ... Breathe slowly and deeply when you feel angry. ... Write a letter to express your feelings, but don't send it. ... Vent to people you trust. ... Ask an authority figure for he.